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Services in detail

A sample of the services provided  by Dr Wong May Foong are as follows :

  • Examining newborns for overall health and complications
  • Examining children coming into the office for wellness checks
  • Administering immunizations
  • Examining children coming into the office with a variety of symptoms
  • Prescribing medications when necessary to treat illnesses
  • Ordering lab tests to determine cause of symptoms
  • Examining lab reports for abnormalities
  • Responding to questions from concerned parents
  • Educating new parents about child care
    • Treatment of minor injuries which do not need suturing

      The emphasis is to provide diagnosis of disease, education on how to manage and joint care in cooperation with the parents to manage the ailments of the children. While time is a limiting factor, Dr Wong will always try her best to help parents understand the issues in the care of the child during illness. Other issues related to behaviour and  development can also be initially reviewed and network cross referred to the relevant hospital care.

      As there are no wards in this facillity, ill patients who need admission will be referred to fellow hospital based paediatricians at reputable medical centres as convenient to the patients to provide further management as needed by the patient. Some patients may also be referred to consultant paediatricians in specific subspecialities for second opinion in diagnosis or management.